May 21, 2024

Hose Clamps Can Help Fix Many Problems Around the Home and Office

Aba clamp

Your son’s automotive class in high school has gone a long way toward preparing him for a career within just a few years of graduating from high school. The fact that the high school your son attends offers a wide array of vocational education classes is encouraging. The fact that they also offer a program that easily feeds into the local community college program is more than encouraging, it is motivating. In fact, your son who has never really been a fan of school in the past is now a straight A student.
Your son’s favorites classes, of course, are the auto shop classes that fill his afternoon schedule, but the community college counselor has convinced your son that all of the classes on his schedule are important. In fact, the counselor is willing to offer your son a mostly free education if he can finish with a high enough grade point average. More importantly, the community college helps their students find paid part time jobs when they are in college, and guarantees full time employment to students who successfully complete the program the school offers.
Although your son would have not been able to tell the difference between stainless hose clamps and other types of hose clamps, he can now help fix many things around the house, on the car, and at your husband’s office. If your son is stumped on how to make a minor repair, he now has the confidence to ask advice of a variety of reliable sources who he has met.
Although your husband has enjoyed a career in computer programming and software design, your son is focusing on a trade that seems to be in short supply these days. The fact that your son can quickly repair things around the house by using hose clamps instead of heavy duty zip ties, or as a replacement for duct tape, never fails to impress both you and your husband. In fact, you actually caught your son explaining to your husband the basics of how most stainless hose clamps work. Your son patiently explained that stainless hose clamps are designed to provide even pressure on all sides, eliminating any gaps. He also showed his dad how most adjustable hose clamps work, by explaining that when you are expanding a hose clamp, continuing to turn the screwdriver counterclockwise will eventually completely open the clamp.
In a time when many high school and college graduates are uncertain of what kind of job they will find when they graduate, you are thankful that your son has both a plan and a goal.

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