June 12, 2024

Four Unique Ways to Generate Auto Finance Leads


Are you looking for auto finance leads? When you work in auto financing, auto finance lead generation is your bread and butter. No matter how great you are at your job, you’ll only make sales when you are talking to people who are ready and able to get a loan to purchase a new car. How do you find this demographic?

Finding people who are ready to sign up with your auto lender is the science of auto finance lead generation. There are a variety of ways to generate auto finance leads; many of them you learned on your first day of auto financing school. Since every other lender also learned those tricks, and competition is fierce. To give you a leg up in the race to land subprime auto leads, check out our list of new ideas, below:

  1. Start a newsletter.

    Having a newsletter is the Swiss army knife of the auto lead generation industry; it offers several tools in one, simple effort. Consumers are not interested in being spammed with salesy stuff. People buying cars these days want to learn. Offering a news letter gives you the opportunity to stay relevant to your captive audience (who want to hear what you have to say, since they opted in to your newsletter through your website). It also nicely connects you to potential customers via their email, separating you from all the paid advertisement they’re bombarded with when they open Google. Running a newsletter also establishes credibility and brand loyalty with your audience. They’re familiar with your voice, confident that you know what you’re talking about, and know where to look when they want an auto loan.

    Not to mention, email marketing is one of the least expensive ways to generate leads.

  2. Start a blog.

    Going back to the value of educating your audience, like a newsletter, having a blog on your website brings leads to you when they want to learn about getting a loan, how interest rates work, how to improve their credit, and so on. In fact, your blog is also a great way to promote your newsletter, which adds even more value.

    On top of the value of a blog for connecting with your target market, running a blog optimizes your page so that it catches Google’s attention and gets you highly ranked when your potential customers are looking for car loans. The more applicable keywords in the content that your page has, and the more often you add new quality content, and the longer that visitors interact with your page are all factors that make Google recommend your page in the organic content when customers are looking for car loans. And this is very VERY important because 92% of potential car buyers start with Google when looking for a car loan.

  3. Get active on Twitter.

    Being active on Twitter offers you a far-reaching opportunity to generate leads, without having to spend a lot of dollars. Post interesting content that is applicable to your business (Maybe some of your blog posts… But also include interesting content from other leaders in your industry) that helps you grow followers.

    Twitter is a two-way street, offering you the opportunity to engage with your audience. When you get in conversations with influencers on Twitter, it spreads brand awareness to their audience, and increasing your potential for brand awareness. In fact, one of the simplest ways to connect with leads is searching hashtags applicable to your business.
  4. Create an interesting video.

    We aren’t talking about a cheesy infomercial that you speedily throw on YouTube, just to have it collect dust. Create an entertaining piece of video content that engages with viewers. If you do this well, it supports each of our previous strategies. Embedding a YouTube video on your website, increases traffic to it because Google loves when you have multi-media content on your website. You should include a URL to your page on your video, for viewers who catch it straight from YouTube or on Twitter. If your video goes viral on social media, every person who watches it and shares it expands your audience for potential leads further.

Do you have any other great tips for improving auto finance lead generation? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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