April 14, 2024

Five Facts Regarding How Trailer Rentals Relate To The Canadian Trucking Industry

Rental trailer

The Canadian trucking industry is one that is worth a whopping 65 billion dollars, and a large portion of that money is founded in trailer rentals both for traditional and reefer trailers. The cross border volume in July 2012 was about 71 percent of the overall loads while only 25 percent of the total volume was from intra Canada freight, but either way, trailer rentals make it easier for truck any cargo to its destination whether near or far. Thanks to trailer leasing, you be able to define a contract that works for you so that you can have trailers when you need them the most.

The five biggest destinations in the United States for Canadian trucking companies are Texas, New York, Florida, California, and Pennsylvania, but you will be limited in how much freight you can truck to such destination without making use of trailer rentals. If you use refrigerated trailer rentals, you will find that most of your destinations will be somewhat nearby since the cooling system in the reefer trailer itself will work on a total loss refrigeration system based on either frozen carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen. Never the less, the use of refrigerated trailer rentals has had an impact on society because consumers across the globe can now enjoy fresh foods even when they are out of season.

With a trailer rental Toronto freight companies will have the opportunity to increase the size of their fleet either on semi permanent basis, during a particular season where they know the volume will be higher, or based on contracts acquired sporadically. Since there is no big financial commitment needed regarding rental trailers, you can simply increase your fleet size without taking on huge debts. The benefits from this are immense.

If your business growth justifies it, you can always purchase new or used trailers down the road. This is not always practical for companies to do because this requires more money, more storage space, and more maintenance. For these reasons, many companies simply choose trailer rentals all of the time.

Being in the business of freight can be extremely lucrative for you because it will give you the chance to grow a business that is always in demand. With the right trailers, you will be able to take your freight anywhere in North America. More importantly, the stakes will be lower when you do not have to purchase trailers outright.

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