April 14, 2024

Find the Best Motor Oil for Your Car

Motor oil facts

When it comes to making sure your vehicle runs efficiently and is dependable, you’ll want to think to yourself, “How do I get the best oil change for my car?”

In order to properly answer this question for yourself, you will want to make sure you are familiar with the various motor oil types that you can get from motor oil distributors. The different oils are rated by viscosity from zero to 60. Some oils will also include the designation “W” which specifies that it is conducive for colder temperatures.

In general, the oil is produced from chemical compounds that are derived from petroleum and non-petroleum sources. While as much as 15% of the motor oil in America is “re-refined,” about half of the oil in Europe is put through this process.

Today, the bottles that hold motor oil are made of plastic. Before that, metal cans and glass bottles were used. If you are at all unsure about which kind of motor oil is right for your vehicle, you may want to consult with your trusted mechanic.

If you have additional questions, comments, or recommendations regarding motor oil standards or you’re worried about how to find “the best oil change for my car,” share your thoughts and concerns in the forum below.

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