July 21, 2024

Essential Facts About Your Motor Oil

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Knowing when to change motor oil is probably the most fundamental of all automobile maintenance tasks. Despite the fact that some oil change places recommend drivers change their oil every 3,000 miles, the leading auto experts claim that changing you car’s oil that soon is unnecessary. But once your car’s odometer reads 4,000 to 5,000 miles since you last had your oil changed, it is good time to get an oil change.

While most drivers do a pretty good job getting their oil changed regularly, many car owners have no idea why it is so crucial to do routine oil changes. Basically, a car without motor oil is undriveable, because a car’s engine contains dozens of moving parts, each of which must be well-lubricated to function properly.

If motor oil levels are allowed to get too low, increased friction within the engine can cause parts to seize up. When this occurs, engine failure and breakdown are eminent. Sometimes the engine might be completely ruined. Fortunately, most drivers have enough common sense to know when and where to get an oil change.

When you stop to get your oil changed, have you ever wondered what they do with the used oil they drain from your engine? Since oil is a finite resource, most oil change places collect used motor oil and send it off to be recycled. During the recycling process, used motor oil is cleaned, recondition, and repackaged by the best motor oil distributors.

The next time you realize that an oil change is in order for your car, you should consider finding out which oil change places purchase their supplies from the top motor oil distributors. By doing so, you could do the environment a favor by not only ensuring that you are helping to preserve a limited natural resource, but also making sure that your used oil ends up being recycled, rather than in lakes and rivers.

Although it is impossible to eliminate all environmentally harmful activities, if everyone who cares about the environment does his or her part, the damage caused by pollution can be minimized. At this moment, the leading motor oil distributors are helping that to happen.

More: www.motoroilmatters.org

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