May 21, 2024

Don’t Know What To Expect from a Car Breathalyzer? Check Out These FAQs!

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When you install a car breathalyzer, you may not know what to expect or how to handle the situation, as it can be overwhelming. First, it’s important to know that these devices are commonly used to prevent driving under the influence. And with so many car accidents and fatalities related to drunk driving — as many as 28 deaths in America every day! — it’s no wonder these devices have become wildly popular.

To help you determine how to work your car breathalyzer, or ignition interlock device, and what to expect during this new experience, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

3 FAQs To Help You Adjust to Your New Car Breathalyzer

1. How Does It Work?

A car breathalyzer is intended to prevent you from driving your car while under the influence of alcohol. In most states, if you are pulled over and have a blood alcohol content of 0.08, then you can be arrested and convicted of a DUI. In such a scenario, you may be required to install this device in your car and knowing how it works can help ease the transition.
To complete its job, the device is connected to your vehicle and you must blow into it before you can start your car. It will already have a preset standard blood alcohol content limit and if you are over that limit, then you will not be able to start the vehicle. Each state has its own rules and regulations regarding what happen next. In general, you will not be able to try again for some amount of time determined by state laws. This can range anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes until you can try again. However, be careful, because if you fail again, you will be required to wait an even longer period of time.

2. Can Other People Drive Your Car?

If you find yourself in a situation where you are too intoxicated to drive your self home, or otherwise incapable of driving, then there is no problem with having a designated driver or friend drive your vehicle. This individual will need to blow into the device as well. It’s important to remember that they should be trained in how to use it, however. Thus, it may be a good idea to instruct a few trusted individuals upon installation of your device. This way, should a situation arise where you need someone else to drive your car, they will know how to handle your car breathalyzer.
In addition, you should also keep in mind that your device stores information regarding any failed tests. If your friend or family member attempts to use your vehicle, but fails to do so, you will be held responsible for these failures on your record. This is why it is crucial to only instruct a few people whom you trust in how to use the device.

3. How Much Does a Car Breathalyzer Cost?

Generally speaking, you will be held responsible for the costs of your car breathalyzer, which can vary based on the state in which you live. Typically, the device installation can cost about $70-150, while you will also have to cover the costs of monitoring and calibration on a monthly basis. These monthly fees will average around $70 each month.

Why Your Device Is Important

A car breathalyzer is, simply put, inconvenient. Yet, these devices are essential in preventing alcohol related accidents and fatalities. Between healthcare and damage associated with accidents from drunk driving, costs can rise as high as $59 billion each year in the United States. And, while you may find that you are inconvenienced by the cost of your device, prevention of these accidents can decrease their overall economical cost by a huge amount! Thus, your car breathalyzer can make a huge difference.

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