May 21, 2024

Do You Have an Alcoholic In Your Family?

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This is a visit that you are both looking forward to and dreading.
Although you are very anxious to see your college girlfriend, you also know that she and her family are not in the best spot right now. Although you have not visited your friend in more than a year, you know from phone calls and texts that she is struggling with her oldest son.

Back at home after a failed marriage of five years, your college friend and her husband are dealing with an adult son who is an alcoholic. He refuses to go in for treatment and your friend refuses to give up, but the reality of having an adult alcoholic in your home is frightening. The parents are worried about leaving their son home alone on a weekend for fear that harm could come to there son, but the greatest concern is about drinking and driving. And while they are obviously concerned about the safety of their son, the thought that their son could injure or kill another person.
Some of your most recent phone calls with your college friend have been about car breathalyzer costs and the benefits they can offer. Your friend and her husband have decided that they will not let their son drive any of their cars that are covered by their own insurance. They struggled at first, however, when he bought his own used car. The eventually reached an agreement that for him to remain in their house he would have to purchase an ignition interlock device. They insisted that the car breathalyzer cost was an investment he needed to make if he wanted to stay in their home.
Car Breathalyzer Costs Are a Great Investment in Safety
Drinking and driving is a dangerous combination. Installing an ignition interlock device can help parents feel better about the safety of the teenagers who are driving a family car. Consider some of these statistics about the use of ignition devices that can help detect the presence of alcohol:

  • 150,000 interlock systems are now in cars in the U.S. which were placed there for drivers with multiple DUI convictions.
  • $59 billion is the annual cost of alcohol-related crashes in America.
  • The installation of interlocks is associated with nearly a 70% reduction in arrest rates for impaired driving.
  • With a pre-set level that is typically around 0.02 BAC, ignition interlocks prohibit the engine from starting if an alcohol sensing device is activiated.
  • Most ignition interlock devices will prompt drivers to perform a rolling retest five to 15 minutes after the vehicle is started, as well as randomly throughout a trip.
  • Interlocks help reduce repeat offenses, even after the device is removed, by 39% when the these are compared to offenders who never installed an interlock device.

Whether it is a difficult or uncomfortable conversation that you are having with a college friend or a child, bringing up the topic of a car breathalyzer is a discussion you cannot afford to avoid.

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