May 21, 2024

Auto Transmission Rebuild Mechanics at Their Most Efficient

If you’re wondering what goes through the automatic transmission rebuilding process, here’s what you can expect during this procedure.

What is the automatic transmission rebuilding process?

If your car is an automatic transmission one and has been running for quite a few years now, then it may be a candidate for an automatic transmission rebuild or, in simpler terms, an engine overhaul. It is a process wherein the transmission is pulled out from the vehicle and detached from the engine and driveline and is carefully disassembled and examined on which parts are still usable and which parts don’t. An auto transmission rebuild mechanic mainly inspects it.

What goes through the transmission rebuilding process?

When an auto transmission rebuild mechanic has already diagnosed your car and has already determined the cause, the mechanic will lay out all the essential information about what routes you are going through or if a transmission rebuild is needed.

Rebuilding of automatic transmission often includes:

• Dismantling the entire transmission
• Running the entire transmission through a parts washer and clean chemicals
• All malfunctioning and wonky parts are removed from the main transmissions and replaced. Components such as gaskets, bearings, and seals are also replaced.

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• If there are any electrical repairs needed, it is performed.
• Once everything is sorted out, the transmission is assembled back again and installed on your vehicle, and attached to the engine and driveline.


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