May 21, 2024

A Guide to Golf Cart Repairs and Service

It’s common to have a mechanic for your car, but if you own a custom golf cart, you might not realize it also requires regular maintenance and repairs. As Wes shows us in the video above, golf cart repairs and service are easy for anyone to complete.

Here are some simple steps to fixing a golf cart:

First, confirm what the issue or problem with the cart is.

Video Source

Ensure you can replicate the issue and know under what conditions it occurs.
Then you need to examine the problem areas closely. Determine why they’re faulty. It may be standard wear and tear, or a part may have broken or come loose. Figure out what can be repaired and what needs to be replaced. Once you’ve cataloged all those areas, purchase any new parts required for the repair.
Now move on to the repair stage. Fix any parts that can be repaired. Install new parts where the existing ones are no longer usable.
Once the cart is fixed, test it to ensure it still runs.

Following these guidelines, you can ensure your golf cart is always in good shape for the golf course!.

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