June 12, 2024

8 Uncommon Car Repairs You May Need

niche car servicing

It is estimated that about 70% of the cars on the road right now need some sort of niche car servicing to help keep their cars running well. Niche car servicing applies to those vehicle repairs that are not general.

Keeping your car out of the scrap yard starts with ensuring that you understand the 8 uncommon car repairs you may need. Knowing what to look for when your car is giving your trouble can help to reduce stress, and get the niche car servicing you need while you save money.

What Are Uncommon Repairs?

There are some repairs that are something that you have to deal with frequently. For example, car brake replacement is something that you will have to do almost annually. Other repairs are a little less common, and can be rare.

For example, a roof leak is not something that most car owners will ever experience, but some do. Addressing uncommon repairs can be a challenge. It can be difficult to find the right mechanic that works in the niche car servicing area. For example, many mechanics cannot provide car transmission replacement. Typically, if your car transmission needs to be replaced you will have to find niche car servicing to do it.

Most general mechanics can handle things like oil changes, tire rotations, break repair, tune-ups, replacing hoses, and more, but they can be limited in their capabilities. Learning more about the 8 most uncommon car repairs and the proper niche car servicing to manage them will ensure you are prepared for anything.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number One

While air conditioning repairs are common on older model vehicles (like 1990 old) they are usually not common for today’s newer models. The engineering for air conditioning in vehicles is different today. Improved engineering means fewer breakdowns and overall problems.

Unfortunately with newer more complex engineering it can make it difficult to find a general mechanic that not only has the skillset to make the repairs but that also has the tools. When your air conditioning on your late model car craps out you may have to find a niche car servicing provider that specializes in your make and model.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number Two

A problem with an electrical system in your vehicle can be an uncommon auto repair, but when it is it can be a tremendous problem. There are hundreds and hundreds of feet located under the hood of your car and throughout the vehicle. When something goes wrong with the wiring, you really need an expert in niche car servicing for electrical systems on the job.

Your vehicle relies heavily on a fully functional electrical system. Oil and gas supplies are only part of what keeps your car humming along. The electrical system plays a very important role in keeping your car on the road.

The problem with an electrical system malfunction is being able to locate the problem. You may be thinking that you have a brand new vehicle and you are out of the woods as far as experiencing an electrical malfunction, but the fact is sometimes electrical malfunctions are not shoddy manufacturing.

It is not unheard of to find squirrels, mice, rats, chipmunks, and other small critters making their home in the underside of a vehicle. As the vermin are getting comfy they will often chew through any wiring that is in their way.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number Three

Many people use the term tire and wheel interchangeably, but they are not one in the same. A tire goes on the wheel. Tire repair is not uncommon, but wheel repair is. Wheels (or rims) can become damaged by taking on a big curb, road debris, an accident, tire blowout, or riding on a flat tire.

Most general mechanics can help out with tire repair or replacement but do not have the equipment on hand to repair a wheel (rim). You will have to go to a shop that specializes in repairing wheels.

How do you know if your wheel needs repair? If you feel a wobble in your wheel, or if you notice a dent, then you may need to seek out a specialist to manage the repairs.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number Four

Muffler repair and replacement. If you have an older model car having issues with your exhaust can be pretty common, but if you have a newer model car losing flanges that hold your muffler in place is very uncommon.

Muffler problems typically start after about eight years or nine years on the road and usually are not due to failure but exposure. If you live in a snowy region where salt and brine are used for snow removal, then your undercarriage will experience rust and rot sooner. Your muffler system sits directly under your vehicle where it is exposed to everything that the undercarriage is exposed to.

Your muffler is a vital part of your complete exhaust system, but it is not the only part of your exhaust system that can run into trouble. Niche car servicing for your complete exhaust system may be necessary to manage any necessary repairs.

Today’s vehicles rely heavily on a wide range of components to ensure the safe operation of the exhaust system. A problematic exhaust system needs to be addressed right away. It costs more money to run a car with an exhaust issue, it puts undue wear and tear on the motor, and in some states, it is a ticketable offense.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number Five

Body part problems. Most people think of car repairs as mechanical repairs, but sometimes, the body of your car will fail. Again, living in an area where there are harsh road conditions like salt used to remove snow can wreak havoc on the body of your car.

One of the most used niche car servicing mechanics is the body expert. They have the tools and experience to handle any auto body problem, from replacing your side view mirrors to rehabilitating an entire vehicle.

Rust is best addressed as soon as it is noticed or it will spread to other areas of your vehicle. Motorists will go to great extremes to protect their vehicles from the elements. Even the best thermal insulation covers cannot protect your vehicle from all the things that the weather can cause.

Luckily, what you cannot prevent can be dealt with through a trusted body shop. Addressing body problems early on can save you time, money, and frustration.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number Six

Interior malfunctions. Sometimes an electric door switch has to be replaced, but usually, most people will drive their vehicles for many years without ever running into the uncommon problem of requiring interior auto repairs.

A general mechanic can handle most of the smaller interior repairs but they may be stumped when things get too complicated. A shop that specializes in interior repairs will be able to help. Whether your electric seat has come off track or you are tired of dealing with the interior lining coming down, the right niche repair shop can help.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number Seven

Most people never have to deal with a locked-up ignition or a key that just stops working. It is very uncommon for a key fob to not work, but it does happen. In most cases, when your key has an issue it is a user error. That means that somehow the key or the key fob was damaged.

What do you do when your key is just not working anymore? You call an auto locksmith. Most people think that towing the vehicle to the service station or the dealership is the only option when their automotive locks fail. However, if you tow your vehicle to your local mechanic or in some cases, to the dealership, they will call an automotive locksmith.

While an automotive locksmith is not technically a nice car servicing person, they are the experts that will get your car back on the road if you need this uncommon car repair. Many drivers are not aware that a locksmith can create duplicate keys, program key fobs, and manage all of their vehicle locking needs.

Uncommon Auto Repair Number Eight

While you may have to make repairs to your engine here and there, it is very uncommon for an engine to need to be completely replaced, but it does happen. In some cases, an “engine rebuild” is not the best solution to the problem.

A niche car servicing shop that specializes in engine repair and replacement can give you the honest answers that you need to hear about your vehicle’s engine. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a car’s engine (usually right after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out) but not all of them are catastrophic.

Catastrophic engine failure is uncommon and it requires a specialist to repair. A general mechanic typically does not have the experience nor the equipment to completely replace an engine.

Common And Necessary Repairs

While those eight uncommon repairs are enough to make you stress about your vehicle, there is a litany of common things that can go wrong with your vehicle. One of the best ways to avoid both common and uncommon car problems is to make sure you perform good maintenance. Regular oil changes, tire rotations, and fluid checks can be the best preventive for breakdowns.

Here are some run of the mill auto repairs:

  • Battery replacement. Batteries have a life expectancy. When you buy a battery, the sticker on the battery will tell you how long the battery is guaranteed to work. A good rule of thumb is to replace it before it needs to be replaced. Batteries usually die without warning. They work one day, and the next you are stuck at work looking for a jump.
  • Brakes. Brakes need to be repaired at regular intervals. If you go past the wear date of the pads you will risk having to have much more expensive repairs done. It is important that you keep up with brake pad changes.
  • Tune ups and belt replacement. Most car manufacturers recommend tune-ups after 100,000 miles although some recommend having them sooner. It really depends on how old your vehicle is and the driving conditions. Belt replacement is another common repair. Belts and hoses wear out with time. It is always best to replace them when they show signs of wear.

Other common repairs include replacing the alternator, fixing fluid leaks, and changing light bulbs. A lot of the common repairs you can do on your own, but just as many are really hard to do in your own garage. Connecting with a trusted mechanic can help you to take better care of your vehicle and ensure you can get the repairs you need when you need them.

A Valuable Niche Car Servicing Option

Lately a new niche car servicing option has been popping up all over the country; the mobile mechanic. That’s right. You can get expert care for your vehicle at home. You may not have to even leave your home. A mobile mechanic rolls up to wherever your vehicle is with an equipment trailer packed with all the necessary tools to fix your vehicle.

A mobile mechanic is pure convenience. You can leave your car right in the driveway, not have to worry about drop-off and pick-up times, and get the repairs that you need. This can be one of the favorites of all the niche car servicing options.

Get Familiar With Your Vehicle

One of the best ways to ensure you never end up stuck on the side of the road is to get familiar with your vehicle. Learn which sound is normal and which sound is your car’s cry for help. Learn where all the important parts of your car are located on your car and what you need to do to maintain those important parts. Knowledge is power for any driver. Educate yourself. p>

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