June 18, 2024

4 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe in Your RV

Electric over hydraulic trailer brakes

Safety in a motor home is a big consideration when you are buying it. You have to know that you are safe not only in driving with trailer sway control and functional breaks and other mechanical areas but also from theft and vandalism. Having an RV means that you can go anywhere at any time and some places that you pass through may not be the best of areas. Here are some ways that you can make sure your family will be safe.

Ensure You Won’t Crash
Physical safety should be your number one priority. Make sure that your electric brake controllers and trailer sway control hitches are in top condition. Before you ever leave your home you should always check the main points just like you would before taking your car on a road trip. Sway control is one of the main reasons that motor homes crash. When they are being towed behind a car for whatever reason, the weight and size of the RV can cause it to swerve behind the car. A good way to maintain trailer sway control is to make sure that the hitch you have attaching the RV to your car is made specifically with sufficient trailer sway control capabilities.

Ensure You Won’t Break Down
Another reason that you want to make sure to check everything on the RV before setting out is that you don’t want to break down in an unscrupulous area. You should only stop in predetermined places that you know are safe for your pets and children. The worst thing would be to break down in an area that you know nothing about and have no idea if it’s safe to get out and go find help. Whether it’s a shifty town or the middle of the woods where wild animals are, you need to protect your family from even getting in that situation in the first place.

Ensure You Have Enough Food
This is huge. If you are going on a long trip, there are some places along the freeway and in deserted areas that do not have places to stop for food. Hours could go by between restaurants or rest stops. If you have little children especially, you need to make sure that you have enough food accounted for these areas. If you map out your trip before hand you should be able to see where all the rest stops are and how often and where you will want to make your stops. This will help in determining how much food to bring.

Ensure the Toilet Works
A backed up toilet in an RV is one of the worst experiences. Not only that, but if your septic tank is not working properly then you could be giving off fumes that are damaging to not only yourself and your family but to others around you and the environment in general. Check your toilet and it’s connections before setting out in order to ensure it’s not going to break while you are away. You don’t want to spend your vacation fixing your toilet, that’s for sure.

Ensure Locks Work
Every window and door on your RV would have at least one functioning lock and screens that lock as well. This will serve to keep you and your family safe when you are inside as well as keeping your belongings protected when you leave the RV to go exploring. Even if you think you are in a safe area you should still lock your doors. Even bears and other animals have been known to be attracted inside an RV in order to get the food that is stored inside. You don’t want to come back to a bear inside your RV, or anyone else for that matter.

Having an RV can be such a fun experience when it is done right. Making sure that you and your family stay safe and protected will ensure that you all have a great time without worrying about the what ifs and what could happen. You want to feel as comfortable and as safe you would if you were in your own home because the RV is could be another home, if you choose to make it that way.

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