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How Old Are the Tires on the Car That You Are Driving?

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Alone on a two land highway somewhere in in Arkansas and Oklahoma, standing in the pouring rain trying to dig out the spare tire, you finally admit to yourself that you had better call your parents. First, you will have to admit that you left hours later than you said you would. Second, you will have to admit that you did not take the newer four lane highway that was 30 miles out of the way. Third, you will have to confess to your dad that you did have too much left in your dorm room to move yourself home. You successfully crammed everything into your car, but all of those items are not soaking wet and sitting along side the dark and rainy road as you try to remember the steps you are to follow to get out the spare tire. A donut spare that is limited in both the speed and t

The Truth About Interlock Devices

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Drunk drivers kill 28 people a day in the United States. Motor vehicle accidents involving alcohol cost nearly $60 billion each year. Putting in an interlock device can reduce incidents of drinking and driving by 70%. Many drivers who are convicted of driving under the influence are legally required to have an interlock device installed in their car. These are basically car breathalyzers that prevent a vehicle from starting unless the offender blows into the machine and it registers that they have not been drinking.

There are a lot of myths out there about interlock devices. Here is some truth to counteract those myths.

  • The interlock device costs way too much money. The average car breathalyzer cost is between

Buying A Used Car What To Expect

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Choosing a car is a big commitment. For one thing, you’re going to spend a significant amount of money on any car you choose — that’s unavoidable. For another, once the average person buys a car, they can expect to keep it for years to come. If you buy a car and find yourself unhappy with it, you can’t simply pawn it off to the nearest person — or for that matter sell it easily. Trying to get rid of a car shortly after you buy it can result in serious financial consequences. So when you choose a car, you need to be careful. With that being said, you may want to steer clear of brand new vehicles. Before you actually buy a car for the first time, you may think that it’s normal for people to get new cars. Now, if you have owned a car before, you know that this is far from the case. Fe

Limos and Party Buses Riding in Style

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Who doesn’t like to ride in style? Whether you are arranging a special night out on the town with close friends, or making sure that your business’s clients feel valued and appreciated, limo services are often the best way to shuttle everyone around luxuriously. Just about any special event can be taken up a notch with the use of a limousine service. Whether you are celebrating proms, birthdays, bachelorette parties, or wine tours, or the CEO of your company is stopping by for a visit from the main office, it is never a bad idea to take it to the next level with an impressive, shiny limo.

The versatility of limo services
The need to shuttle peopl

Before You Panic Over the Cost of Hybrid Battery Replacement, Know This

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With technology moving at the rapid speed it has and innovations being introduced each year, interest in hybrid cars has significantly increased. In fact, more than four million hybrid cars were sold in 2012 alone, 200,000 of which were Honda Civic hybrids. Even though they are becoming more popular, many consumers still do not have much information on the cost of replacing hybrid battery.

Before you decide against purchasing a hybrid vehicle, educate yourself on the realities of the cost of replacing hybrid battery and other repairs. Most people to shy away from buying one because of their lack of knowledge on Continue Reading

Vacationing in Comfort and Style

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Jayco eagle premier

Everyone loves the chance to get away, and many love the chance to get into nature, but some people prefer to have a few more amenities available than others. Yes, the idea of an escape to the middle of nowhere to enjoy a nice campfire does sound nice, but given the chance, many people would prefer to retire to a comfortable bed with lights and running water close at hand rather than roughing it on the hard ground with a lantern and maybe a water bottle. That is why many people will take advantage of a comfortable and luxurious (at least in camping terms) recreational vehicle. RVs like the Jayco Eagle Premier travel trailer has all of the camper accessories one could even dream of.

The benefits of owing a fifth wheel camper
There are many reasons why you might want to co