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Let it Snow, Let it Blow, Let it Plow The Benefits of Using Heavy Duty Snow Plows for Professional Snow Removal

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Like most old men, Old Man Winter is a bit of grump. He can be absolutely relentless when it comes to dumping snow, ice, or a combination of both on those living in the colder parts of the United States and beyond. Not to mention the freezing whipping wind, shorter days, frigid temperatures that chill you to your bones, and of course, feet of snow. Yes, feet. For snowbirds that migrate south during the cold months of winter, it can be hard to believe — but easy to forget — how much snow actually falls up north. But in some areas of the country, such as Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado, and Anchorage Alaska, eight feet of snow or more are ranked among their record high seasons!

Aside from being cold, wet, and mushy, snow presents many other challenges, especially for business owners. Sn

The Benefits of Buses Less Emissions, More Jobs

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Coach bus transportation

Many of us take modern means of transportation for granted as the average American household has nearly three cars parked in its driveway. While personal vehicles are certainly the most populous example of automobiles on our nation’s highways, it is a fact that such a high concentration of personal vehicles results in higher levels of emissions and gasoline spending. Keeping this in mind, many Americans have reconsidered the benefits of bus travel as public transportation once again takes a place of prominence in a more environmentally aware world.

Buses in Our Society

While airports are some of the most popular means for long-distance travel in actuality there are five times as many motorcoach terminals across the nation as there are airports and six times as many

Is Your Business Prepared For The Next Snowstorm?

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In 2014, New York City spend over $130 million to clear snow from road ways and other public areas, and they weren’t alone. Farther north, some estimates report that Canada spends over $1 billion each year on snow removal services. Want a piece of that sweet government-funded pie? It’s easy: invest in snow removal equipment and watch the profits fall from the sky each winter.

When most people think of snow removal, they think of the classic snow plows of yesteryear. While traditional snow plows are efficient at removing snow, they are severely limited in the areas in which they can operate and the methods of snow removal they can use. Snow plows can only move snow outwards to the sides of the vehicle. This makes them inefficient for clearing snow from any area that’s not a linear road free of any

High Quality Hybrid Replacement Batteries Give You Peace of Mind

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Honda hybrid battery fuel economy

Despite all the naysayers, hybrids are here to stay and inspire deep loyalty in their owners. No hybrid owners would ever dream of owning any other type of car. The reasons are not difficult to find: hybrids are fuel efficient, resulting in huge savings in fuel costs over the years. They are environmentally friendly, having lower emissions of harmful gases. And cars like the Honda Insight hybrid have all the traditional reliability of Japanese cars, which never let their owners down.

Why do people love their hybrids?
People around the world love hybrids. Statistic Brain reports that in 2012, 4.5 million hybrids were sold worldwide; around 2.18 million of these in the U.S. alone. Of these, around were 209,216 Honda Civic Hybrid models. What’s to love about the h

3 Reasons Rubber Edged Snow Plows are Best

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Even though winter is quickly fading away to sunnier, warmer months it is never to early to start preparing for the next season’s snowy weather. In 2014, severe winter weather was the cause of about 15% of all insured auto, home, and business catastrophe losses in the United States alone.

Whether you’re a independent professional with a compact tractor snow pusher, an employee of a company that requires constant snow removal, or just interested in heavy duty snow plows there is one type of sno pusher that rises above the rest: snow plow rubber edges.