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Need to Charter a Bus for a Group Trip?

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Coach charter buses

Do you know that people hire bus charters to transport them from to a specific destinations? If you don’t, you should probably get out more. Regardless, you probably don’t know that a Frenchman named Blaise Pascal started a carriage charter bus company in 1662, but his increasing fares led to the operations demise after only 15 years. It would be nearly 150 years before charter buses would reappear.

Of course, the earliest bus charters consisted of horse drawn carriage, which were commonly referred to as either “coaches” or “omnibuses.” As you’d might guess, these are the words from which the modern terms “coach buses” and “coach charter buses” are derived. Another significant differ

Top Three Tips for Used Car Buyers

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In today’s society mobility has become more important than it has ever been before. With a restricted job market, oftentimes people are forced to commute miles away from their home to find work. The same can be said for college students seeking off-campus housing or even folk trying to maintain close friendships with people who live outside of walking distance. It’s this pressure to be mobile that has caused consumer car sales in the United States to rise by about eleven percent over the past year. Buying a car is a big investment, though, so it’s important to make the most educated decision one can when doing so. Here are three tips for any would-be car-buyers:

1. Buy Used

One way to save a lot of money on a vehicle is to buy used. This ends up saving you a lot of money in both the short and the long run. T

What to Know About Owning a Bus

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Parts of a bus

If you are a member of a large organization such as a church, senior living community, or various community sponsored groups, you may have encountered issues with transportation at some point. Transporting large numbers of people at one time can prove problematic for any organization. In these instances, between cost and logistics, a bus may be the best option.

Busses are ideal for transporting large numbers of people at any given time. The average bus can carry 32 passengers comfortably. Because of the number of passengers that can be transported, the bus ends up being one of the most cost efficient methods of transportation as well. Most bus manufacturers use cost efficient, high quality brand name parts such as Thomas bus parts and Continue Reading

All About Hose Clamps

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Large hose clamps

We’ve all had that moment: you head to the home improvement store to buy that one thing you need and forgot to buy for your latest project. You stride down the aisles, calm and collected. You’re working on something you’re excited about. And you’re an old hand at this type of thing; you’ve been working with tools ever since your Dad let you pound a few nails during one of his projects. You know what you’re doing….
But then it hits you. You’re standing in the aisle and you realize that before you is the biggest collection of odd bits and pieces you’ve ever seen. You see one that looks like the piece that you need, but it comes in at least ten different sizes and materials. You realize that you didn’t read the directions, or take note of the right type of part you needed…
You have a few options of course:

How To Buy The Right Car

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It’s the first question many car buyers ask themselves before starting their search: should I buy new or used?

The truth is, there are advantages and disadvantages to both new and used cars. It is important to know what to look for when buying a car so you can make an informed decision once you decide to buy.

More 12 million new cars were sold throughout 2012 in America. The main appeal of new car shopping is that you get the opportunity to order a custom vehicle with specific features tailored to your tastes. New cars come equipped with the latest in safety technology. When new car shopping, you’ll be looking at cars with a clean history — no accidents, no wear and tea

Essential Facts About Your Motor Oil

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Knowing when to change motor oil is probably the most fundamental of all automobile maintenance tasks. Despite the fact that some oil change places recommend drivers change their oil every 3,000 miles, the leading auto experts claim that changing you car’s oil that soon is unnecessary. But once your car’s odometer reads 4,000 to 5,000 miles since you last had your oil changed, it is good time to get an oil change.

While most drivers do a pretty good job getting their oil changed regularly, many car owners have no idea why it is so crucial to do routine oil changes. Basically, a car without motor oil is undriveable, because a car’s engine contains dozens of moving parts, each of which must be well-lubricat

The MPG Debate Are Hybrid Rides Really the Most Efficient?

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Hybrid battery cost

Fuel economy. Fuel efficiency. Miles per gallon.

No matter which name you know it by, that fact remains: cars that can travel further while relying on less fuel tend to be more popular today. In fact, nearly half a million hybrids were sold in 2012 alone. Drivers have wised up to the fact that gas-guzzling automobiles won’t do them much good in the long run, especially given the ever-inflating prices they’re paying at the gas pump.

So, what car has the highest MPG? Traditionally, hybrids have gotten much more fuel economy out of them than standard gasoline-based vehicles. For example, let’s look at both models of the 2012 Honda Civic.

The Comparison

The Most Affordable Body Repair Shops

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Auto body repair miami

Long before there were auto garages and body repair shops in just about every neighborhood, the fledgling automobile was a crude, work-in-progress, to say the least. The ride was rough, shattered windshield were common, there was no heat or defrost; and drivers were lucky if their cars even had roofs.

Given the fact that air conditioning, automatic windows and locks, and digital radio are common options on just about every automobile, it is difficult for most of us to imagine what it would have been like to living without any of those things. Even basic car radios were not even offered until 1929!

While the earliest automobiles didn’t have all the bells and whistles that comes standard in any new car

Three Things to Think about While Shopping for a Bus

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Finding a good used bus may sound like an epic undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. A place that provides high quality buses for sale could be the perfect thing for those who are dissatisfied with large cars and vans. Because of the fact that they’re able to move large groups of people safely, buses are an environmentally friendly option. This is due to the fact that the consolidation of passengers to a single vehicle decreases the amount of emissions going out into the atmosphere.
Before you purchase a new or used bus, you should make sure that you know exactly what to ask for from a bus company.

  1. A Wide Selection Continue Reading

Why Should You Charter a Bus?

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Charter buses in michigan

Interestingly, chartered bus services have been around for a while. They provide a great alternative to flying on airplanes, and they are great for groups who want to travel as a group while avoiding the hassle of airplanes or airports. There are all sorts of charter bus rentals available, including small charter buses, charter bus tours, and a number of other alternatives as well.

Chartering a bus is hassle-free. Your group will arrive safely at their destination on time, at the same time, feeling rested and relaxed. Plus, the best thing to consider when opting to charter a bus includes the bus charter company’s safety rating, bus ownership, inspection status, and insurance status.

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