Why Freedom Honda Ranks So High

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While Ford has long been the hallmark of the U.S. motor industry, with the Model T being introduced to market via mass production and a cylinder head that was removable in 1908 and with more than half of the world’s cars by 1916 being Model Ts, other car companies have claimed their own stakes in this segment of the economy. After all, Fords are great for certain people, but not for everybody. Other brands like Honda have come to the forefront, earning awards for quality, for safety, and for service too.

And dealerships are increasingly making these Honda models and Ford ones too more available for consumers and car buyers, who want the choice of whether to make a purchase on a Ford, a Honda, or on another major brand. Take Freedom Honda as a keen example of this. The dealership has locations in various markets ranging from Pikeville, Kentucky, to West Virginia, and in all of these dealerships the service is the same, the quality is similar, and the selection is vast. Freedom Honda is one dealership that competes with the big guys for business, including Freedom ford and the new and used cars Pikeville dealerships have in store for customers.

Freedom Honda stands by its promises and makes its selection available to anyone and everyone, which is another factor in its growing popularity. Most car dealers pikeville ky has available are good in one area or another, but the folks at Freedom Honda are good at practically everything. When in need of quality new or used cars pikeville ky dealerships like Freedom Honda are tops for the selection, for the service, and for the quality too.

Not every Ford dealer SWVA has available can say the same thing, but the folks at Freedom Honda usually can. Not only can they boast great sales, but they have some fascinating knowledge of the car industry that they often share in an anecdotal way with their customers. They may, for instance, throw out the statistic that 1929 was the year that the first car radio was invented, or that most American made cars’ horns beep in the F key, or that if a person drove continuously at 60 miles per hour he would reach the moon in 157 days. These are more anecdotal than most, but they relay the point that these Freedom Honda dealers are all about making customers happy through service and through selection.