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Are You Worried about a Loved One Who Drinks Too Much?

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These last two days have been some of the most nerve wracking 48 hours of your life!
It is not that any part of the last year has been a picnic, but these last 48 hours have been the worst!
When your 30 year old son called to say that he was coming home from California, he offered few details. Once he arrived back home, however, the details slowly emerged. In the midst of the story of his marriage ending and his doctoral degree remaining unfinished were painful tales of drinking binges and total blackouts. And while you are your wife have tried everything in your power to help your adult son through this rough transition, but many of your efforts have been in vain. The fact that he booked himself a one way ticket and flew back to California to get the rest of his things is a step in the right direct

4 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car

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car repairIf you’re planning on buying a new or used vehicle, whether it’s for you or a family member, you have to make sure you’re considering virtually every aspect of owning an automobile before you spend any money.

Here are a few important things to consider before you make a final auto purchasing decision.

Do you have a quality place to go for car repairs?
Especially if you’re buying a used vehicle, if you don’t have an idea of where you should take your car when it needs any maintenance done to it, you could end up spending way more than you want on maintenance. Even if you buy a brand new car, however, if you aren’t taking good care of it or taking it to high quality auto shops, you’re going to ruin the vehicle at a much faster rate. Consult with professional car repair shops in order to keep your vehicle running properly for years to come.

Do you plan on driving in rough weather?
If you’re going to drive your new (or used) vehicle all over in potentially dangerous weather conditions, it’s important to consider how it handles before you make the final purchase. Talk to a knowledgeable salesperson about how the vehicle handles various weather conditions and be sure to get a feel for it during an actual test drive.

Is the vehicle you’re planning on buying certified pre-owned?
If you’re thinking about buying a vehicle that is less than five years old, make sure that the car you’re buying is certified pre-owned (CPO). If the vehicle you’re buying isn’t CPO, you might not be getting the best quality vehicle and more problems could come up down the line.

Are you still planning on taking out a loan?
It’s important to talk to your bank if you’re planning on attempting to get a loan for your car. Keep in mind, however, that most banks will typically not give you a loan for any vehicle that is older than four or five years.

As long as you’re buying from a credible dealer, you should be fine no matter what vehicle you buy. To find high quality new cars and used cars or learn more about car repair services, check out Vaughn Auto today.

What Is the Favorite Car You Have Ever Owned?

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The latest car purchase was a challenge.
After your 16 year old daughter’s car totaled in an accident caused by a driver who ran a red light, you found yourself scrambling for another vehicle. As you explained to the other driver’s insurance company, although you had months to prepare for the car purchase that you made when you added another driver to the family, you had no preparation for this accident. And while you are very glad that she was not injured, you were frustrated that you are not able to find another car at the same price.
This car search, although more necessary, is not nearly as fun as the ones you embark on when you are looking for another muscle car for your collection. The goal of the car for your daughter

Does Your Car Need A Coolant Flush? Signs To Watch For

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As a car owner, it’s important to do everything you can to keep your vehicle running at peak performance. And this means keeping up with fluid changes. The car’s antifreeze coolant is one of these essential fluids. A recent survey found that 16% of cars have inadequate cooling protection or low coolant levels. Fortunately, you can learn to monitor this fluid and keep your coolant levels high.

What is the purpose of coolant?
Quality long life antifreeze serves several purposes in your vehicle. The following are some of the key functions:

  • Transfer of excess heat out of the engine
  • Lubrication of engine parts
  • Prevention of engine corrosion

It’s important to note that coolant is also called antifreeze because chemical additives keep the fluid from freezing in the Winter. This means that the system can be functional all year. These chemicals and the other compounds found in the coolant, lose their effectiveness over time. This is why it’s essential to keep up with coolant flushes.

How do I know if my car needs a coolant flush?
If you aren’t sure when your last coolant change was or suspect that it’s time to schedule one, look out for these signs:

  • Low Coolant: This may be obvious, but it’s easy to forget to check. Get to a mechanic as soon as possible if the coolant levels seem low.
  • Engine Damage: Holes or wear marks in the engine could indicate that the coolant isn’t working effectively. You may also notice general corrosion.
  • High Vehicle Temperature: If the temperature gauge suddenly spikes to concerning levels, you might have a coolant problem. This is especially true if it remains high.
  • Coolant Leaks: You may also notice that your coolant is leaking.
    A mechanic can flush the fluid and get the contaminants out.
  • Burning Smell: When your engine is running too hot, you can usually smell it, so don’t ignore any burning smells.

Once you bring your car in for a coolant flush, talk to your mechanic about getting the most from your long life antifreeze. By staying on top of your automotive antifreeze flushes and addressing any issues that come up, you can keep your engine running smoothly for as long as possible.