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Florida Man Finds a New Way to Use Used Tires

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Jason and Misty Rathay are emu and poultry farmers in Bronson, Florida but they are getting a lot of attention for something else. The pair have started working on something new. They call it the “Earthship Project” and their goal is to find new uses for the used tires that were piling up in the local landfill.

According to WUFT, the farmers plan to use the use tires they are able to collect and turn them into building materials that can be used to construct a wide variety of structures and products. They plan to fill the used tires with mud and then put them together to cr

So You Want To Build A Shelby Cobra

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There are people who love cars — and there are car enthusiasts. Sometimes, it can be difficult to draw the line between which is which. A person who loves cars usually loves their cars in particular. They’re proud of them, but they don’t know the ins and outs of why they work, and they wouldn’t know what to do if their car had serious issues on the road. They might not know the complex history of vehicles either, or the difference between a typical vanity vehicle and a true sports car. They certainly wouldn’t be able to build a car from scratch. That is the job of the true car enthusiast. More and more, enthusiasts are no longer content to just buy a car from a dealer, or even have a car made for them. They want to make it themselves. One way through which they can do this is through replica car kits. Replica car

Is Your Group Renting a Party Bus to Attend an Upcoming Football Game?

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Party bus companies around the country may experience one of their biggest weeks in history. As the nation finally nears the end of one of the most contentious Presidential elections, voters and politicians across America may look toward a party bus tour as a way to visit the volunteer workers who have endured and worked through an exhausting process. For many, the historic World Series win by the Chicago cubs found many fans around the country looking for travel options like a party bus to make their way to what turned out to be the seventh largest human gathering in the history of the world.
It does not, however, take something as monumental as a colorful and confusing Presidential election or a 108 year old record breaking baseball win to motivate individuals to look toward a party bus or l

The Best Way to Apply a Spray on Bedliner for Your Truck

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People who own trucks love them and want to take care of them. A truck needs a good bedliner to protect that part of the vehicle from the elements and whatever you are hauling. There are several kinds of truck bedliners but the ones that offer the most protection for the vehicle are the ones that are sprayed on. This is because there is no wiggle room between the bedliner and the truck bed itself. This makes the protection more complete. The good news about these kinds of bedliners is that most people can apply they with minimal effort and equipment. The process is made even easier when you use wire tape, also called vinyl cut tape, rather than a razor blade or other kind of knife.